Mastering the Inner Game

 Learn to improve performance with 

cutting-edge strategies to enter the zone on command

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with Internationally-known Personal Development Coach


Just as you train in skills of stroke production and strategy, a player must train in the inner game to truly become an exceptional player. 

Most players don't know how to access the "zone" for optimal performance. This workshop trains you in cutting-edge secrets to give you "mind" skills so you may achieve mental toughness effortlessly and keep your body functioning optimally.

Peggy's trainings are a blend of eastern and western traditions (including neurosciences) that help a player integrate mind and body, build strength and stamina, prevent injuries, and balance the body for better fitness.  

Trainings are customized
for tennis players or golfers.

Learn powerful ways to achieve integration of mind-body for access to your ultimate potential when playing...and beyond!

In these programs, participants learn to:

  • Access the zone
  • Avoid zone destroyers
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Optimize performance
  • Reduce stress and tensions
  • Break patterns of fear or self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Sustain vitality and energy
  • Build confidence and belief
  • Prevent injuries
  • Reverse aging
  • Discover their power words


Workshops are offered in a variety of formats:
2-hour programs

or can be incorporated within the schedule of other training programs

For more information or to arrange a program for your facility, email