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Public Speaking Excellence

for Executives & Professionals

Learn major secrets to presentation skills for success

(and overcome self-limiting fears once and for all!)




For your group/individual 


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If you get anxious in front of a microphone, this dynamic program can change your experience and give you the power to deliver the most effective, memorable speeches. Over the training, you will learn unique, cutting-edge solutions that build confidence and overcome stage fright and other worries.

Anyone can become an outstanding public speaker with the insightful guidance focusing on the external skills and insights to craft your attention-getting speeches along with powerful internal skills that allow you to celebrate your message and talents in a way you may have never experienced.  Few trainings address these inner secrets in ramping up your performance.

Students learn:

  • The 6 Ps that are essential to guarantee a stellar performance
  • How to make sure everyone walks away from your talk motivated and engaged
  • The 3 vital things to incorporate in any speech rehearsals so you can’t fail.
  • Key ways to understand your audience and deliver messages they can hear.
  • How to calm your nerves before, during and after using unshakeable techniques
  • Powerful techniques that build self-awareness to advance your ideas.
  • The 10 things that will guarantee your delivery is a massive success
  • How to tune in to your authentic voice that will captivate every audience
  • And so much more.

This exclusive training helps participants master their inner voice to deliver more authentically riveting speeches.

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*Small group face-to-face training sessions
for 2.5 hours once a week

for 3 consecutive weeks.

*1/2 Day Training with small group face-to-face or ONLINE

*1-hour Introductory Lecture on the basics of mastering public speaking (with Peggy Sealfon only)

*Private Personalized 1:1 Coaching (with Peggy Sealfon only)


This highly effective program trains you in the inner secrets (which few trainings address!)
and cutting -edge techniques empowering you to present in a formidable way. 

(The program can also be adapted to your group or individual schedule.)

The challenge of Public Speaking is the #1 fear that people have.
This program provides real solutions, giving participants the greatest insights, skills, and training to build confidence and overcome fears.
You'll learn clear ways of mastering your inner voice to deliver more authentic, more riveting speeches. 
You'll also acquire cutting-edge tips for improving presentations.


Impactful training can also include mentoring

LOCATION: Naples, Florida or virtually ONLINE


Meet Peggy Sealfon & Arnold Klinsky

Photo of Peggy Sealfon

Pegggy Sealfon is a Personal Development Coach, Productivity Strategist, Motivational Speaker, and Author.  Her effective protocols guide business groups and individuals in effective methods to overcome stress, improve productivity, and address issues of  health, work, relationships, or life purpose. Her highly effective Stress Buster System and her Integrated Life Personal Coaching System have been adapted by many clients throughout the United States. Sealfon is author of the best selling book Escape from Anxiety - Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies from A to Z  and co-author of The Change--Insights into Self Empowerment,with Jim Britt (Tony Robbins' first mentor) and others.


Arnold Klinsky's career has been in the broadcasting industry, working for such iconic organizations as Viacom and Paramount Pictures. In both radio and television he has served as news anchor, talk show host, and on-air personality. Not only has his organization been honored with a regional Emmy Award, but he has the prestigious distinction of personally being inducted in the New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Throughout his career, he has trained aspiring speakers in developing the right skills. Most recently he serves as a master of ceremonies, charity auctioneer and lecturer. 


Customized programs for on-site or online workshops
for businesses, organizations, corporate teams.


Peggy@PeggySealfon.com or 239.821.2266