Stress & Anxiety Relief Tips & Techniques

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 Dissolve stress, anxiety, pain, fear & overwhelm
into love, wellbeing, joy and balance!


Integrated Life Personal Coaching System
is the way to authentic success and connecting to your true purpose

In our very humanness, we often fall out of alignment with the essence of our nature. The ego and whirling thoughts become controlling. We experience discord, unhappiness or illnesses. We're dissatisfied with our work, relationships, health or overly judgmental of ourselves. We want more from life. Yet everything contributes to our journey. We learn from every experience and, with the proper guidance, we grow and evolve. Return to peace, productivity and personal development--supercharge your life--with Peggy Sealfon's Integrated Life Plan.


What Is the Integrated Life Plan?

It is a highly customized strategic program developed and personalized just for you. It combines many diversified modalities from modern psychology and neurosciences to ancient wisdom teachings in the form of mindfulness, meditation and yoga to techniques from energy medicine. The specific choices are dependent on your needs and situations. The intention is to bring mind and body into ecstatic balance as viable solutions to neutralize today's overwhelming challenges. The purpose is to regain our natural equilibrium; to release all struggles and embrace a more effective and effortless life of beauty, joy and abundance. Peggy's intuitive skills assist you in developing your specialized plan that is powerfully effective and adaptable to your lifestyle and receptivity. She works with you one-on-one wherever you are physically, metaphysically, psychologically and spiritually.

Integrated Life Training

The key to success with your Integrated Life Plan is the training, which is accomplished personally with Peggy's guidance. She will work with you privately in person or long-distance via SKYPE or phone.  Is this program right for you?  You already know the answer.

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