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My Story


I wasn't always a Wellness Specialist.
Life's challenges guided me onto a path
that changed everything.


The Past
In my 20s, I lived in New York City's Greenwich Village and was catapulted into a yearning for success and significance so I began a checkered career path. There were many twists and turns from being a journalist writing for such prestigious publications as the New York Times to owning retail shops in Princeton, New Jersey to running my own advertising agency in Southwest Florida.  But through it all, I suffered. A marriage ended in divorce, followed by a myriad of failed relationships and a continual malaise. Nothing and no one could make me feel happy or fulfilled.  Yes, I was looking for love and contentment in all the wrong places. I was out of balance; mentally and physically. I was going through the motions of living without truly being present in my own story.

I began to search for real answers and as I did, teachers appeared. My first and most profound was world-renowned Yogi Master Gurudev Amrit Desai, who founded Kripalu and subsequently the Amrit Yoga Institute. I learned from his ancient wisdom teachings about how to quiet my mind and ego and enter the zero stress zone, where I could accept myself as I am. By doing so, I could flourish and be happy. As a natural communicator, I desired to share my discoveries of these transformational yogic techniques with others who were battling discontentment or dis-ease.

I certified in several modalities offered by the Amrit Yoga Institute in yoga, relaxation and meditation. Still I continued to add to my understandings about human development uncovered by today's studies in the neurosciences and by views of mindfulness and energy. Albert Einstein observed: "All matter is energy." I began to acknowledge that we are all a part of the cosmic universe of vibrations and energy and we are interconnected.  I certified as a Crystal Medicine Therapist from the American Association of Holistic Wellness and became a master jewelry designer using therapeutic gemstones for balance and healing. I trained in Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl. I also certified in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) a component of modern psychology. At the same time, I began using a variety of mindfulness techniques and energy strategies ranging from Tai Chi and Qigong (ageless Chinese health systems) to Donna Eden's Energy Medicine to Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  I certified as a Life Coach and then in Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition. 

My path has led to the development of a unique combination of methodologies to address imbalances whether physical, mental or emotional.   I offer highly customized programs that help release tensions and blockages from the source. By having such a vast range of personal experiences and trainings, I offer highly effective protocols for clients that are designed to resonate with their personality and needs.  My Integrated Life Training and Coaching System is the result. Each client receives a totally customized strategic wellness and productivity plan created to resolve their challenges and support their transformation. The programs can range from an hour to 30, 60 or 90 days.

My Philosophy
You cannot give to others what is not flowing through you. Love resides within. When you remove the filters and obstacles, you can see more clearly who you are and live up to your potential filled with love and light.  It's taken me decades to learn to release my fears and let go.  When that happened, I found heaven on earth including a wonderful loving man who entered my life.

Let me help you find the freedom to be all that you are now--rather than decades in the future. I can guide you to discover the happiness, peace, abundance and wellbeing you deserve.  I am forever grateful for the opportunities to share what I have learned.


Teaching a relaxation technique at a workshop
at The Club at Barefoot Beach



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